Light malt

To prepare light-colored malt flour, light-colored malt with strong diastatic activity is ground and passed through a sieve with a fine mesh until it is completely uniform. This milky white product has a mild aroma of malt and very favorable enzyme activity. Adding malt flour to bread dough breaks down the starch and protein present in the dough and therefore accelerates the rise of the dough and generally fermentation in the bread. In addition, the intensification of fermentation also intensifies the aroma of bread. Malt flour is also effective in prolonging the shelf life of bread. In this regard, we will provide detailed information later.

In order to prepare barley malt, quality barley seeds are harvested from the fields and placed in water for germination. In other words, barley malt is made from sprouted barley seeds. In general, barley malt is used a lot in the malting and brewing industry, and during the production process, the starch in barley is changed to simpler sugars. Barley malt has a significant effect on flavoring drinks.