About Jolbak Sabz Caspian

The production of agricultural products in Iran is mainly famous for its garden products, and fortunately, due to the need to enter the world markets and comply with international quality and standards, it has made considerable progress, and today our country produces many garden products in the category of the best in the world and In some of them, it has taken the first place in the world. This indicates that the development and diversification of the sector necessarily goes with the needs of the market and non-applied research does not have a significant contribution to the development.

The position of crop production is very different from garden crops, and because we were among the largest grain importers in the world, we are among the least developed countries in the field of crops. The entry of economic enterprises into production and processing based on crops, the country It will guide our beloved towards progress and development in this field. Fortunately, the attention of the graduates of the agricultural sector to related conversion industries promises to increase productivity in this sector.

Caspian Food Industry is one of the pioneers of this matter and it was established with the efforts of a group of people with experience in the production of food industry who were engaged in large scale production of malted beer, bread and fruit and vegetable processing. This complex has designed various units and is currently implementing them. Caspian Koh Dasht Company is the first production unit of this complex in the field of malt and related products, which was registered in 2016 and with the cooperation of various institutions in the field. It has provided the status of malt production in the country.